Floor Pouf [DIY to Try]

I had something really witty to say about how I get excited to start projects but lack the follow through to finish them in a timely manner but then I started doing something else and forgot my really witty comment. Like I said – failure to follow through. Don’t worry employers/people who depend on me. This problem only exists in my hobby life. However I did finish my floor pouf a few weekends ago and as I said here it is far from perfect. A constant refrain in my head is that done is better than perfect and for this project, that is playing on repeat.

The zipper in’t perfect or technically correct but it opens and closes which is all I need it to do when I want to wash the cover. Right? I did buy a zipper to practice with to actually learn how to sew one correctly, but that’s a project for another day.

Floor Pouf zipperIf you are interested in the fabric I used, it is the Premier Prints Jiri Nova in Dark Grey/Birch. The  photos of the fabric on Fabric.com’s site are pretty terrible. These do it much more justice. The fabric has a really great, rough texture to it it. It’s a pretty heavy duty fabric, perfect for throwing around on the ground and putting your feet on. When I saw it I knew I was going to love it.

corner detailIf you are looking for a tutorial so you can have your very own floor pouf at a fraction of the price you would pay for in stores, I used this one from The Marion House Book (though I skipped the whole, paint your own fabric bit and just bought some I loved.) My only gripe with the tutorial is the step that just says to sew in a zipper on the last seam, but that’s because it was my first attempt with a zipper. I had to do some extra googling and imagining to actually sew in a zipper on that last seam.

Overall, the project wasn’t difficult and it fulfilled my desire to have something to put my feet on while I sit at my desk. (I broke my trashcan trying to fill that desire several weeks ago.) I can also move it out in the the living room for an extra place for feet or a seat.

Overall, I spent about fifty bucks on the project – 2 yards of fantastic fabric, a zipper, and polyfill (which, by the way, for anyone in San Antonio that wants to make their own pouf, I have a huge box of polyfill. I’m terrible with estimating.) Fifty bucks is a far cry from the hundreds you could spend on one from a store, so I am happy and satisfied with the overall outcome.

So there you have it – my floor pouf.

Floor Pouf - small


5 thoughts on “Floor Pouf [DIY to Try]

  1. I’ve actually been thinking about making one as well. Of course not having a sewing machine means going to my mom’s house. Sounds like I could have fun all the way around. BTW…your pouf is gorgeous!

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