The Guilt Associated with Painting

I had a dream the other night that I stole a handbag. I just slipped into my larger handbag with no problem. The following night I had a dream that picked up where the previous night’s dream left off. In this second dream, I was consumed with guilt and told Matthew what I had done. We went back to the store and he ran a distraction while I placed the handbag back on the shelf.

When I woke up, I was so confused. I then went to Sunset Ridge Hardware to gather some paint swatches for the guest bathroom. I pulled so many swatches that as I quickly put them into my purse, I actually felt like a thief. Then an employee asked if the paint had me pulling out my hair yet. I just wanted to scream, “No! The fact that you may have just seen my stash a wall full of swatches in my purse has me so stressed out I don’t know what to do with myself. I’m consumed with guilt.” I should just buy a swatch book.  That would save me so much grief. Actually, I could probably make my own by now.

But I do this every time I want to paint a room. I gather swatches, bring them home, and then wonder if I should have grabbed more as I’m sitting on the floor, surrounded by swatches. And I do this because I have paint paralysis. Committing myself to just one is so difficult because there are so many lovely colors to choose from. So after I select a few of my favorites, I buy those samples, and put them on the wall. Then I stare at them. I stare at them for weeks sometimes. I try to casually walk by them to see which one catches my eye. And then I commit. And even as I am rolling on that first bit of fresh color, I catch myself wondering if I made the right choice.

I mean…y’all…it’s not like I have to live with this decision forever, right?

All that to say – I’ve gathered swatches for the guest bathroom. Stay tuned, my friends.




2 thoughts on “The Guilt Associated with Painting

  1. I was having second thoughts about the color we picked for the walls and bathroom of our guest room up until we walked out of the store with it… actually, I will still be anxious about it until it all goes up on the walls! But like you said, it’s not like it can’t be undone. Have to remember that!

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