Necessary Upgrades

There was a time in my life when I couldn’t wait to upgrade my phone. That time passed about ten years ago. Now I hate paying for technology so when my phone when kaput, I was quite annoyed. When it worked, it was fine. But then the home button stopped working and shortly after my lock button stopped functioning also. Actually, it’s lose and wiggly. I think Apple made it that way – knowing one day it would shake lose and I’d be forced to deal with it or upgrade. Well…I got tired of dealing with it and since AT&T is running a half off smart phone deal online, I thought now was the time to bite the bullet.

But now I need to find a new case. I don’t know why this decision is such a hard one, but it is. A case says something about your personality, right? All these cases are found at Society 6, Anthropologie, or Rifle Paper Co. I love them all so I need some help. Which one is your favorite? Are there others out there I need to see? When you are shopping for an iPhone case, where do you look?

casesPink and Gold Stripes // Zebra // Aztec // Mermaid

Watercolor 1 & 2 // Roses // Mother of Pearl (Way of out my price range, but so lovely, I just had to include in this round-up.)

4 thoughts on “Necessary Upgrades

  1. I started shopping for a new case about 4 months ago and still haven’t made a decision . . . so I share your conundrum! But from the lovely ones you’ve shown above, I’d pick Mermaid, with Zebra in a close second. But really they’re all beautiful! You’ve inspired me to get back out there an hunt some more!

  2. I love them! I actually bought a rose one from Rifle Paper Co. one in Japan from a cool stationery store. (Mine looks a little more zoomed in on the pattern that the one you posted.) I like it a lot! It’s nice and streamlined. I just wish that the rose pattern showed a little from the front. The case just has a black edge on the front. My last one was from J.Crew and I liked it for two reasons: 1) it was bendable and easy to get on/off, and 2) the pattern wrapped around the edges of the phone to give the front a little color. Have you picked a case yet?

    • I ended up going with a boring old Speck one that provides a high level of protection. So boring…but I feel better when I drop it occasionally!

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