One Life to Live

I’ve taken quite a long hiatus from blogging recently for no other reason than there has just been a life worth living. I go back and forth between loving to blog and feeling weighed down by it. Because I love it and because I want to do it for myself, I never want to feel guilty for not blogging.

The last six to eight weeks have flown by. I cannot believe November is already over. Where does the time go?

In October I had the opportunity to travel to South Africa for work. I still want to write about my travels and wrote a fun article about a hike I took on Ker & Downey’s blog here. I’m hoping to write more about my trip in the coming weeks.


Matthew and I also painted the guest bathroom. I promise photos of the bathroom are coming soon.

We spent my birthday surrounded by some of my favorite people- wine tasting in Fredericksburg with the Nances followed by “Friendsgiving” and Catchphrase with a group of friends and a family birthday party. It couldn’t have been better.

November 9, 2013

For thanksgiving we were in Bellville for four glorious days. The Nances spent a few days with us which was so fun to introduce them to my family and some of our more crazy traditions which include a white tiger needlepoint and a gold glitter moose antler.

Behams and Nances

And now we are in the Christmas season. Just this weekend alone there is a Christmas concert and slumber party for our high school girls, preparing Christmas boxes, Christmas tree shopping, and the Redeemer Christmas party. It will be a lovely and full weekend preparing my heart for the Christmas season.

2 thoughts on “One Life to Live

  1. I’ve missed your stories, but my heart is glad that life has been so full of goodness for you lately! Sounds like you have the perfect weekend ahead – wish I was there to share in it!

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