The Sound of Music

The other week NBC aired a live production of the Sound of Music and you better believe I was parked in front of the television for the three-hour event. I won’t go into my thoughts on the acting, or lack there of, on the reigning queen of country. But I will say this: Audra McDonald as Mother Superior, Laura Benanti as Frau Schrader and Christian Borle as Max Detweiler totally stole the show for me and made it bearable. I should have guessed that though. They are all Tony-award winning actors. And can I get an Amen for Kurt’s high note?


The Sound of Music for me is so much more than a musical. It is a memory, an experience, and a dream that’s almost as old as I am. My earliest memories of it are watching it in my grandmother’s front room in Brenham with Sara. We would sit on the couch and then move to the floor with pillows. We would wear our long nightgowns and after it was over, we’d start it again. The Sound of Music, for me, will always be associated with Mimi and Sara. Matthew, thankfully, shares the same affection for the movie.

In 2006 I went to Salzburg with friends during winter break. We didn’t do the typical Sound of Music tour, but I would totally go back and do it. We did, however, re-enact a few scenes. Salzburg was everything I hoped it would be and a place I hope to visit again with Matthew one day. For me, it was magical.



I convinced a large group of friends to watch it with me while we were in Italy. The most memorable line I used on them was that a gun and a thrilling chase were involved. They might have been disappointed that those two things appeared in the last ten minutes. The gun was never fired and it was hardly a chase. But they watched the whole thing with me and let me share a part of my life, something that I hold so dear and special, with them. Some of them even watched the live production the other week.

When I was trying on wedding dresses, Sara said one reminded her of a modern-day Maria. Naturally that’s the one I chose. Long veil included.

The Sound of Music transcends time. It moves my soul in ways nothing else can, tugs at my heartstrings, and bonds me to some of the people I love most in this world. From the moment I hear the opening line of music, my mind is flooded with happy memories and thoughts of joy, hope of beautiful love amidst difficulty, and wanderlust.

Salzburg_31Salzburg_34Salzburg_39 Salzburg_4Salzburg_9Salzburg_26Salzburg_24Salzburg_18Salzburg_16Salzburg_11

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