January Closet Cravings

Every once in a while I get the itch to update some items in my closet. Earlier this month I decided to give my face a fresh look in the form of new makeup from money saved from my birthday and Christmas. How money ever stayed in my wallet for two months is really a miracle, let’s be honest. But it did and then I happily spent it on a new look for the new year.

Side story. I really, REALLY hate going to the mall and having my makeup done. I don’t know what it is about the whole experience of having someone put products on my face that makes me feel really insecure about the way I look. Thankfully this last experience was much better, probably because the girl who did my makeup called me honey and actually told me the colors looked good and were working for me instead of telling me how much I needed to moisturize. (I do.)

I’d love to add all these items to my closet ASAP!

january style1 // Tangent Mesh Tank – I just love the color and pattern of this lightweight tank. 

2 // Mac Complete Comfort Moisturizing Creme – This creme is a little thicker than other moisturizers out there but feels so good on the face. Rejuvenation at its finest!

3 // Ruffled Astor Tunic – I would LOVE to spend all day in this with a pair of leggings, cozied up with a latte and a good book. It is, unfortunately, sold out in my size. A girl can dream.

4 // Alien Eau de Parfum by Thierry Mugler – I got a sniff of the scent in South Africa last October and have been thinking about it since then. So lovely. 

5 // The Joy Flare Jeans – Skinny jeans may be all the rage, but nothing compares to a good pair of flares in my opinion. They are much more flattering on my stems than a pair of skinnies. I love these Joy Flare jeans and would spend every day that I wasn’t in the Ruffled Astor Tunic and leggings in them.

6 // The Mira Heel – Kate brought back the wedge in a big way, but a classic pump is always number one in my book. Madewell can do no wrong in my opinion. I would love to pair these with the Joy Flare jeans for date night. Every girl needs a good pair of pumps.

4 thoughts on “January Closet Cravings

  1. I love how you call this ‘closet cravings!’ Where did you get your new makeup from? I’m always looking for good new ideas . . .

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