The Misadventures of the Megabus

The following post was written on Friday night as we were getting close to Dallas.

It all started with a conversation about a month and a half ago.

Bekah: I am going to Dallas the weekend of July 12th to visit Amanda and I’m taking the MegaBus. Do you want to go?

Me: Heck yes I do.

Fast forward to Friday, July 12th. Tickets are purchased, bags are packed, we are burning in the sun waiting to board the double decker bus. It is 4:15pm.

The first leg of the bus ride gets us to Austin to drop off and pick up passengers. We were freezing on the way up but once we arrived in Austin and were able to survey the bus, we realized we could change the direction of the air with a simple magazine.

First problem solved.

We then encounter the first character of the trip. Y’all Chris Farley is alive and well. You heard it here folks. Someone get this man a little coat. I need some more of SNL action.

Photo 1

After we pick up enough passengers to fill the bus we are on our way!

Hold that. We may have backed up over something. Someone check on Chris Farley!

Loudspeaker: Um yes, we have a safety issue that needs to be taken care of. We will be delayed in Austin for an hour. I repeat there is a safety issue that needs to be fixed. We will leave Austin at exactly 7:20. You can get off, but if you aren’t bac by 7:20 we WILL leave without you.

Bekah and I decide to make the most of it and head across the street to Pho for some dinner and save the snacks we packed for later.

We’re back on the bus by 7:10. Spirits are high and we have informed Amanda of our late departure from Austin. We quickly dive into our books to make the most of the sunlight. I look up half an hour later and have no idea where we are but I don’t care. I am reading, not driving, making the most of public transportation. Life is good.

Er. Hold that thought.

We’ve hit traffic somewhere in Bruceville AKA the middle of nowhere. We see the red taillights stretch on for miles. Oh well. We’ve got snacks and two bottles of wine with us. No cork screw but if we really need to get into the wine, we’ll figure it out.

About half an hour goes by and we’re finally moving. Hallelujah and praise the Lord we are off and on our way to Dallas!

Er. Hold that thought. I spoke too soon again.

All the cars around us are off and on their way to Dallas. We are moving inches. Everyone starts getting restless. What in the world is going on? Just then a guy a few rows in front of us heads half way down the stairs, bends down, looks around, and then says, ” Yep, he’s still alive” in reference to the bus driver. Crisis averted.

Bekah and I are in stitches. At least we planned accordingly with snacks and wine. We joking send out an SOS over Facebook.

photo 2

And then we stop completely.

Oh look, there’s a police officer coming to rescue us!

Oh no – he isn’t coming to rescue us. He is telling us to get off the road.

Driver: The transmission is out and I can’t get the bus to start.


Driver: There is another bus coming though.

Police officer: Really? Because I got another one of you guys broken down on the other side of the road down there going the other direction.

That is rich. This is all too much for me and Bekah. We can’t help but laugh at our misfortune. I send a tweet to MegaBus and she sends them an email. She gets a response before I do. (So if you find yourself stranded and need to contact MegaBus, send an email before reaching out on social media.)

A second officer shows up but we are laughing too hard to hear the conversation. Sara and Tiffany chime in via text message to ask if we are stranded what the heck we are doing on a bus. Hilarious.

Just then a rescue bus arrives. We make our way off of the double decker and onto a single story bus. We rush to get seats but there aren’t any together. Bummer.

We finish the rest of the trip to Dallas and finally roll in around 11:30pm. It was rather uneventful compared to the first leg, although my new seat mate did serenade me in Spanish and touch my leg to see my iPad. He was about the height of a five or six year old so that’s what I am going with as far as age on this one.

On the bright side – we didn’t have to break open the wine so we got to enjoy it with Amanda!

Happy Independence Day

Here’s hoping everyone has a safe and joyful holiday with friends and family. I’ll be enjoying the extra time off from work to read at a coffee shop, spend a little time at the gym, and maybe tackle a project…if I feel like it. 😉

For now enjoy the lovely living room of Kelly McDowell’s Ojai, California farmhouse. I love the few patriot accents she added. Festive yet subtle.


Via House Beautiful

Spurs Can’t Get a Bingo Either

It was a rough night for Spurs fans everywhere last night as well as most of us playing Bingo in the Sealy VFW. That’s right. I just linked the Spurs to Bingo.

It was my first experience playing Bingo and it was quite entertaining. For six bucks I played twenty games of Bingo and am now the proud owner of a hot pink dabber. I went with my mom and Sara, my mom’s friend Mary Ann, her sister Sally, and niece Natalie. When Sara lived in Houston she was an avid Bingo player and the only one who brought any experience to our group. We were a few of the last to walk in and the woman taking our money quickly informed us that we better hurry up if we wanted to play. She wouldn’t take our money after he (pointing to a white haired man on stage going over the rules) started calling out numbers.

We quickly grabbed our boards and sat at the end of a long table. We were the youngest there by a generation. We soon figured out that there is more than one way to get a Bingo and our excitement grew with each round. B-8. O-69. The games got heated with each passing round. One lady called Bingo but had the wrong number. Poor thing was eaten alive by the mumblers. Later in the evening she called out Bingo again.

“Are you sure you have it this time?” yelled a lady two tables over. Bitter much, lady?

But the main event of the night came after a woman asked a volunteer to turn down the air because she was cold. The couple behind her mumbled something about it not being cold. The woman turned and said something back. Again the couple mumbled something. Then the cold woman’s husband cut his eyes at the man behind him and told him to shut his mouth. He was tired of listening to his mumbling bullsh** all night.

Easy, tiger.

We didn’t have a single victory in our group all night. And neither did the Spurs. Better luck next time – to all of us.