Spurs Can’t Get a Bingo Either

It was a rough night for Spurs fans everywhere last night as well as most of us playing Bingo in the Sealy VFW. That’s right. I just linked the Spurs to Bingo.

It was my first experience playing Bingo and it was quite entertaining. For six bucks I played twenty games of Bingo and am now the proud owner of a hot pink dabber. I went with my mom and Sara, my mom’s friend Mary Ann, her sister Sally, and niece Natalie. When Sara lived in Houston she was an avid Bingo player and the only one who brought any experience to our group. We were a few of the last to walk in and the woman taking our money quickly informed us that we better hurry up if we wanted to play. She wouldn’t take our money after he (pointing to a white haired man on stage going over the rules) started calling out numbers.

We quickly grabbed our boards and sat at the end of a long table. We were the youngest there by a generation. We soon figured out that there is more than one way to get a Bingo and our excitement grew with each round. B-8. O-69. The games got heated with each passing round. One lady called Bingo but had the wrong number. Poor thing was eaten alive by the mumblers. Later in the evening she called out Bingo again.

“Are you sure you have it this time?” yelled a lady two tables over. Bitter much, lady?

But the main event of the night came after a woman asked a volunteer to turn down the air because she was cold. The couple behind her mumbled something about it not being cold. The woman turned and said something back. Again the couple mumbled something. Then the cold woman’s husband cut his eyes at the man behind him and told him to shut his mouth. He was tired of listening to his mumbling bullsh** all night.

Easy, tiger.

We didn’t have a single victory in our group all night. And neither did the Spurs. Better luck next time – to all of us.


Happy Birthday, Dad!

Dad, you’re the best. Thanks for always believing in me. I love you. Happy birthday! And incase any of you are wondering, this photo was all his idea. Christmas card??

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Little Rock 10K

Well we did it. We finished the 10K and crossed the finish line with smiles still on our faces. In true “Haley” style I danced through the finish. As a side note, a friend once told me that he he known I came out of my shell when I was dancing, he would have met me with a boom box on his shoulder. Awesome.

So my parents and I set out at 6:00am from Bellville on Saturday. It is about an eight hour drive and I really isn’t that bad of a drive. At least for me anyways thanks to my dad, I was able to sit in the back seat and read, plan my week, and sleep while he did all of the driving. After spending a little time at Sara and Robert’s house, we went for coffee at Starbucks, talked about our upcoming trip to Egypt, and how cold it would be on Sunday morning. We finished the evening with fajitas curtesy of Robert (thanks) and watched The Devil Wears Prada. My parents booked a room downtown so they left for their room and the rest of us went to sleep to get some rest before getting up at 6:00am on Sunday.

On Sunday I woke up with enough time to get dressed, brush my teeth, and walk out the door while putting up my hair. Then I checked the weather.


Y’all it was so cold. We drove downtown and found a place to park that would allow us to get back out of downtown after we finished the race. My parents opted to stay in their warm bed when they realized it would be freezing for the race. Wise choice. We stood outside for about forty-five minutes waiting for our race to start.


Finally at 8:22am we crossed the start line and began weaving through people for the next two miles. We also saw our parents near their hotel cheering for us as we ran by them and crossed the bridge over the Arkansas River. Miles three and four were in a neighborhood near downtown and along the river. Mile five took us back over the bridge and into downtown. One final lap around a block and we were on the home stretch. Our parents were waiting for us at the finish line to snap photos and cheer us across the line. I, of course, took the opportunity to dance it in after a race well run.



We finished our short time in Little Rock with pizza at a local restaurant before saying our goodbyes for the drive home. It was a quick weekend, but so good for the soul.