2013 Goals

Well it has been one year since I started this little blog. Last year I made a list of some goals I wanted to accomplish or areas I wanted to improve on in my life for that year. I didn’t … Continue reading

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2012 Goals

I never make my goals before the new year. I don’t even think about them until the holidays are over. My goals this year have a lot to do with our house and look more like a to do list, but these are my goals in no particular order.

2012 Goals:

1. Document life more. Take more photos of the things Matthew and I do and of our time with family. I’ve been so overwhelmed with getting weddings and portrait sessions out that when I think about picking up a camera to document life, it has just seemed overwhelming. But I am pulling back in the photography arena this year and hoping to guard my time a little better. Hopefully this will inspire me to capture my own life this year, instead of just everyone else’s.

2. Complete travel books for Italy (traveled over 5 years ago), Lake Tahoe (2.5 years ago) and London (2 years ago). I should also consider getting some prints made and put up in the house. This one below is of Prior Park from our day trip to Bath and also one of my favorites.

3. Build shelves in guest bathroom. Our linen closet is small, and for some reason, has no shelves in it so it is not functioning as a linen closet right now.

4. Finish desk drawers. I’ve had my desk built since September, I just can’t bring myself to build those pesky little drawers. Does it function as a desk right now? Absolutely. Would it function better with drawers? Most definitely. This item is a must this year!

5. Build,  or enlist someone to build, our bed, pending the purchase of a new mattress. We bought one instead.

6. Paint bedroom, bathroom and closet. I’ve got the colors picked out…now I just need to do it.

7. Paint guest bedroom. I have an idea of a color in mind, but haven’t put any swatches on the walls yet.

8. Visit Sara and Robert in New York Little Rock. They are moving!

9. Plant shrubs in our flower beds in the front yard. (And pull out all of the weeds.)

10. Finish Mike’s chair – this seems like a “give me” item because I am ALMOST finished, but I’ve had it for three years and checking this one off my list will make not only myself but Matthew happy as well. Below is a little preview of the chair. I ran out of cotton webbing, but I should have more Wednesday, so expect this one to be crossed off of the list next week!

11. Continue reading for pleasure. I purchased a Nook last year and have been cruising through books. You forget how much you enjoy reading until you start again, haha. This is just something I want to keep up in the new year, because it makes me happy.

So there you have it. My goals for this year. Check back throughout the year to see how I am doing! What are some of your goals this year?