Thoughts on a Friday Night

While texting my sister and Nikki a bunch of random emoticons tonight (one day we will communicate in just pictures, reverting back to hieroglyphics. Hello people, this is not advancing the way it should be!!) we suddenly realized that it had been fifteen years since we first met at a pool party when Sara and I moved to Bellville. Fifteen years. I can’t even believe that. For one, I don’t feel that much older than when we met. Especially when our conversation tonight revolved around our excitement of Sara’s blow up pool. Nikki and I are flying to Little Rock to visit Sara next week and bathing suits will be packed. And perhaps flotation devices and goggles.

In other news, I bought a juicer tonight. We will see how long this lasts. I suddenly decided that since I just don’t really care for vegetables that much, this would be a good way to get the nutrients that veggies provide. I mean, vegetables are fine and I definitely eat them, but not anywhere near the amount I should be eating. See previous comments about not really feeling older than I was fifteen years ago.

When Matthew goes out of town, I always have big ambitions of things I want to accomplish. This week it was the task of sanding his bar cart and eight dining room chairs. I am pleased to tell you i accomplished all of this.


I have one chair sanded and primed. In my defense, I wanted to get just one done to make sure I had the right primer and to see just how little sanding I could actually get away with. So far, I am pleased with the results. One down, seven chairs and a bar cart to go.
And finally, I watched the movie One Day earlier this week. By myself. I don’t recommend watching the movie by yourself and honestly had I known anything about the movie, I wouldn’t have watched it at all. I spent half the movie crying in the dark by myself. Again, had I known anything about the movie, I would have skipped it and watched When Harry Met Sally instead. Ad on that note, does anyone have any good movie recommendations? I am obviously not a fan of really sad movies, which includes anything stemming from a Nicholas Sparks book. I watched Nights in Rodanthe by myself too. And cried trough half of that one as well. Other than that, I am open to suggestions.


Les Miserables

It is not a secret that I love Les Miserables. I saw it when Matthew and I traveled to London in 2010 and have been obsessed with it ever since. When I found out in February 2011 that it was coming to January 2012, I marked it on the calendar and made plans to purchase tickets as soon as they were available. My parents also drove in just for the night to see it with me and Matthew and I was so happy to share it with them. So when they announced that it was finally being made into a movie (a musical version), I could hardly wait. I have been on pins and needles waiting for the trailer (<—- click that link) and it came out today. Enjoy.

Self, Quit Worrying

I am not really superstitious. Crossing the path of a black cat doesn’t bother me at all and Friday the 13th is like any other day…a work day. But sometimes things happen that make me pause to think someone is trying to tell me something. Today I went to the doctor and after telling me the exam went well, the doctor was ready to walk out the door. Then she turned around and said, “Go enjoy your health.” It made me stop and think – I am healthy, quit worrying about diseases I might get, car accidents I might get into, or things I might not get to enjoy. Just enjoy your health.

After my appointment I headed to Starbucks, my favorite office, to work. While putting some cinnamon in my drink, an older man came up next to me. I looked at him and smiled and he said, “It’s going to be a great day.” I looked outside and said, yeah, it is. His little statement made me think, “Yeah, Universe! It IS going to be a great day!”

Sometimes you just need a little external encouragement to get you through the day!

I know I have been M.I.A. on the blog recently. It’s only because of I’ve been tackling tons of projects, none of which I have completely finished…of course.

Real-life ‘Vow’ couple: ‘You do the right thing’

I think everyone needs to watch this clip below on the real life couple behind The Vow, now in theaters. I haven’t seen the movie, but I really hope that this couple’s faith in marriage and each other is shown in the movie. What I love about this couple? His constant pursuit after the wreck and her choosing to love him. Because let’s be honest…every day you make a choice to love your husband or wife. Some days feels like it’s more of a choice than others. And can we talk about how cute their kids are? The little boy in his glasses kills me.

Real-life ‘Vow’ couple: ‘You do the right thing’.

The master bedroom [another peek]

I know it is only another little tidbit from our bedroom. I hope to have real photos of our progress on the blog this weekend, which will include a better representation of the actual color in the walls and two sets of curtains. But for now, a photo of what I did last night.


I Won’t Give Up

I’ve had a little voice crush on Jason Mraz for a while. He’s not someone I listen to all the time, but when I do hear him on Pandora or iTunes, I am reminded why I like him so much. Man…his voice just gets me. I heard this song the other day while painting our bathroom and have been listening to it non stop. Have a listen. I know all the girls out there will connect with it. Tell me it doesn’t speak to you at some point in your life. And then tell me that this is exactly what you’d want to hear. I know it’s what I would want to hear after a fight or some soul searching and growing.