House tour

A work in progress. I am slowly updating this page, so keep checking back!



Our growing plate wall (moved from the Dining Room). There are plates from Israel, South Africa, Botswana and Morocco on our wall and of course, plates from Anthropolgie.

Living Room

Living Room Living Room_6 Living Room_5 Living Room_4Living Room_1

Dining Room

Dining Room_4web Dining Room_3 small Dining Room_2 small Dining Room web

Master Bedroom

Master Bath


This is an old photograph, but shows the layout. The following three photos are current.

Guest Room


4 thoughts on “House tour

  1. How interesting that you like plates too. I sent Nana one from each place we visited, and I have a collection dating back to 1980. I know we should be able to add to your collection from here. Hugs

  2. ok, I stumbled on this blog by searching “chelsea gray” on pinterest! So happy to see it was you, adorable house!

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